IMPORTANT: If you can't view your computer presentation on your TV at home using an HDMI input, It won't work on our system either.

Our System Input = FULL SIZED HDMI - clients MUST provide their own adaptors 

TEST IT FIRST: Test your video presentation by connecting it to your TV at home using an HDMI cable and the adaptor that connects to your device. If it works on your home TV, it will work here. Be sure to bring all of your cables and adaptors with you :)

The Croatian Cultural Centre is equipped with a state of the art Crestron Audio Visual System. This system allows us to connect multiple devices and stream them to multiple rooms in our facility. Contact us for details.

Our System Input = FULL SIZED HDMI - clients MUST provide their own adaptors    ////
Power Distribution Box (6 x 15amp circuits) = required for LIVE BAND performances   $150
Room Monitor - Audio OUTPUT (your videographer will want this) **subject to availability**   $100
Mounted Projector with Screen ($100 each) - Available on the main floor   $100
  •  Auditorium = 6 Screens: 137" Diag. Screen (11.40 feet) x4. + 123" Diag. Screen (10.25 feet) x2
  • Room A = 3 Screens: 137" Diag. Screen (11.40 feet) x2 + 189" JUMBO* (15.75 feet = $300) x1
  • Room B = 1 Screen  : 120" Diag. Screen (10.00 feet) x1
  • Room C and 2nd Floor = Portable equipment (there are no mounted units)
JUMBO SCREEN (189" - 15.75 feet)  Room A  - Stage Mounted Theatre Style - Restricted Use   $300
Portable Screen & Projector 5' x 5' (VGA input - standard definition - does NOT include audio)   $150
Portable Screen & Projector 8' x 8' (VGA input - standard definition - does NOT include audio)   $200
TV Panel LED 55" – Mounted or Portable   $75
Mounted Live Video camera projected on screen (Auditorium only) 4 hours AV Tech included in price   $500
Cables: Power Extension, HDMI, VGA, Audio   $20
Microphone - Wireless (included with house system audio)   $100
Microphone - with Cable (included with house system audio)   $50
Microphone - Wireless lapel / lavalier or Head Set + $300 AV Tech required for this rental. See Pricing   $200
Microphone Stand - Tall or Table-Top   N/C
Lectern, Podium, Riser, AV Cart   N/C
Portable iPod Dock or house system input connector   $50
Portable 70W Stereo PA System = 2 small speakers on stands with inputs for microphone and iPod   $100
Our AV Tech must be on-site for events requiring more than 1 Audio / Video Source input   AV Tech
AV Technician - 4 hours minimum   $75 / hour
Wireless Internet: 300 mbs - multiple access points. We do NOT guarantee internet service   N/C
Wireless Internet: "Shaw Go WiFi" - multiple access points for registered Shaw customers   ////
Power Distribution Box (220 Volt - 6 x 15amp circuits) - For LIVE BANDS  and TRADE SHOWS   $150
Scissor Lift (Certification Required)   $150
Flipchart and Markers   $20
CCC Staff (Per hour - Per person)   $25
Tablecloth (non - catered events)   $6
Skirting (non - catered events)   $15
Parking (175 Vehicles)   N/C
Valet Parking (By Special arrangement)   ////
Private Green Room (Auditorium Only)   $150
Coat Check Room & Staff. $1.50 /per guest. $250 min. - upto 10 hours   $ 1.50
Chair Covers (White) $ 3.50 /per chair   $ 3.50
Security Guard (Per hour – Per guard)   $35



Please contact our office for more details.

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